Online Trainers Or In-House Trainers

If you have missed my emails and blog posts in the last three weeks, the reason is TAX SEASON. My day job is tax preparation and I don’t have to tell you my office is buzzing. So, please forgive me if my communication is sporadic over the next few weeks!

Today I have a few minutes before my first client to talk a bit about the debate between online dog training and in-person dog training. My bias is online training for several  reasons. For me the two most important is cost and the quality of the trainer.

We all know the expense of having a dog in our lives. From food to health care to grooming  to training, the list goes on. Many of us are happy to spend whatever it takes on our pets. But, some of us, myself included, must carefully watch and allocate the amount we spend.

In-person dog trainers can charge between $50 an hour to as much as $250 and more.  An online trainer website usually have an entry cost of around $40. The question then is trainer quality.

I don’t have to tell my readers that I have a favorite online trainer, Doggy Dan. A $1 trial fee gives you access to to a massive amount of information that could be in the form of videos, audios and written support. This is a great “try before buying” option.

An in-person trainer will be able to see your dog and how he/she interacts in different situations but the trainer needs to be experienced, qualified and know different breeds. An online trainer usually has more experience with a number of dogs offering a depth of methods available.

The bottom line is an effort to research the trainer being considered whether online or in-person.

For example check out this website for personal referrals,

Heads Up: There are many in-person trainers but a quality trainer is rare. You will want to confirm how many visits the price being quoted includes. Also, are telephone and/or email support included in the price.

The biggest advantage of an online trainer is the ease of use. You can view training videos at your convenience night or day. Some online sites allow you to upload a video of your dog displaying the problem behavior to YouTube for review. Forums on the sites provide a venue for developing community to access advice from dog owners with similar problems

With over 250 videos I would recommend Doggy Dan for any puppy training or dog problems that you may be experiencing.

My puppy, Willis, did so well with Doggy Dan’s training that my brother wanted him and took him to live in Georgia.  What do you think, a Bichon Frise or a Cavachon ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with a Bichon)?


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