My Puppy Is Biting! What Am I Doing Wrong?

Here at Doggie.Tips we want
to share the most progressive, humane method of training so when your puppy is chewing and biting we suggest the following:

  • First, imagine you are looking through your puppies eyes not your human eyes.  The puppy mouthing behaviors seen through your eyes make you frustrated and annoyed. What’s going on?

The puppy is playing by mouthing fingers and hands. You are allowing the behavior when it is gentle and light. When the mouthing becomes harder and perhaps painful, you respond with the old training techniques. Can’t you hear yourself  screaming, “No Bite!” No wonder they are confused. What once was accepted as loving play now is forbidden. Don’t change the rules!

Give your puppy things to chew just like we give our infants teething rings.

Redirect your puppy when they show interest in your fingers and clothes.

Place your puppy on the floor if they continue with the behavior and show him you are disappointed using your hurt and sad face and a soft cry out to show the behavior hurts.

Should the behavior continue by using a timeout moment, just like we do our toddlers and young children.

There are many similarities in teaching your toddler and training your puppy. The chief skill for both is patience.

You can find more extensive tips from Doggy Dan’s video website, The Online Dog Training, a clear practical training program for puppies. I recommend you visit the site which offers 250 videos to learn how to see things from your puppy’s view, including a video and section on mouthing. Doggy Dan gives you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days. To access the site: CLICK HERE

One last tip on mouthing:

When you want to hold your puppy and know that this is a time she will use a her mouth in response to your cuddling, always have something in your hand for her to chew on. Mouthing is her way of playing and showing affection.


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