Housebreaking The Puppy

OK! I am at my wit’s end trying to housebreak this puppy. His favorite place to poop is on the rug in the hall; not on the machine-made rug, but, on the hand-woven rug, of course. Do I have time to clean it up, of course not. I take him outside and he does nothing. I bring him back in and he promptly pees. He cocks his little head and I want to strangle him. HELP!

Does this sound familiar to you puppy owners? Try this:

  1. Remain Calm
    • Frustration, anger, screaming, all are common responses. Oh sure, the puppy knows he has done something wrong but those responses don’t tell the puppy what to do and where to go to “get it right.” You are responsible to train him.
  2. Stay Focused On The Prize
    • No matter how long it takes stay focused on the prize. Just like rewarding a child to repeat good behavior, you must reward you puppy when he does it right. We are not talking about a pat on the head, but a tasty treat every time and within two seconds of the good behavior. I know it takes time. Time and patience, that’s the key. Remember how long it takes to toilet train a child? Keep your expectations of perfect behavior realistic.
  3. Put The Rugs Away For Six Months
    • Make it light on yourself and store the rugs.

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