Need a Hypoallergenic Dog?




Tips on choosing a hypoallergenic dog:

  1. There are four medium-sized hairless hypoallergenic dogs include the Mexican Hairless (also Xoloitzcuintie or Xolo), the American Hairless Terrier, the hairless Chinese Crested, and the Peruvian Inca Orchid (called the PIO). These hairless hypoallergenic dogs are relatively rare.
  2. Hairless hypoallergenic dogs generally need:
    1. regular exercise, lots of attention, and close pack behavior with their owners and family.
    2. extra protection outdoors from the sun which can cause dry skin problems.
    3. special skin creams to treat pain and itching for dry skin and rashes.
  3. Today many breeders are turning to cross-bred dogs. By crossing a dog that does not shed with one that does, the resulting limited shedding allows them to be classified as hypoallergenic dogs. Examples of twonon-shedders are Poodles andBichonFrizes.
    1. Poodles are classified asnon-shedders. Common crosses are:
      1. Poodle – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel resulting in a Cavapoo.
      2. Poodle – Labrador resulting in a Labradoodle.
    2. BichonFrizes are classified asnon-shedders.
      1. Bichon Frize – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel resulting in a Cavachon

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